2019 Luna New Year

For any of you who have fallen off the January 1st New Year’s resolution bandwagon, fear not! Chinese New Year, starts on the 5th of February and runs until January 24th 2020.

Whilst you may be familiar with Western Astrology, are you familiar with Chinese Astrology?The year you were born decides which of the 12 the Chinese zodiac you are assigned, and this year is the prosperous year of the pig!

Some stories say that the emperor chose the order of the zodiacs and the reason that the pig was picked last, is because a wolf had blown his house down and he got to the celebration late.

What’s instore for the year ahead?

Representing the beginning of winter and the birth month of wood the Pig symbolizes germination of seeds, birth and new forms of life. This may bring about change in international relationships politically, leading to new governments forming and a shift in social orders. Considered a “Traveling Star”, the pig brings with it increased opportunities for travel this year.

In Chinese tradition, the Pig is a lover of life so this year we’ll need to learn how to intelligently take advantage of and show gratitude for all the beauty and richness that life has to offer us. Being of a joyful nature we may feel inspired by its positivity and zest for life, but practice caution to avoid recklessness.

A shadow aspect of this year comes with the reminder to keep our imagination in check so don’t favour the idea abandoning realism and action taking in preference for daydreaming and staying comfortable. This may be the thing that derails us completely, before we can even begin.

Finally, with our rosy tinted glasses and pig’s expression of generosity and gentleness; our zest and kindness may temporarily blind us. Be more attentive to others, and as a collective we should, partake in altruistic initiatives and at the same time -tap into logic, common sense and observation to avoid becoming an easy target for the unsavoury type who wish to betray us for their own benefit.

Keywords: -Fertility -Abundance -Indulgence -Altruism -Kindness -Joy

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