2020 Wisdom

In human, linear time, we are on the Eve of the New Year. But we are always in an ever-changing state of flux. The outward declaration of a better self, what purpose is it really serving?

Change starts with focusing on being, and allowing the universe take care of the rest.

I am usually one aboard the bandwagon of the idea that tomorrow, 2021 will signify a brand new start, mindset and life...

But as I've ventured through many chapters I've come to learn that the biggest changes happen at the least 'socially remarkable' times and often at quietest, introspective ones.

If you wish you write out your bucket list of goals and musts, I encourage you. Do whatever pleases the human side of you.

There is, however; more on offer to Humanity than what is visible right now.

Beings of light (both human and non physical) have been behind the scenes helping birth in this new world into existence. Nothing happens by chance and the folklore of many have predicted it.

Our collective pause through the 2020 pandemic was to show us the paradigms that were no longer viable for us, should we wish to ascend into higher vibrations.Towards a better Earth and interconnected collective.

During this time we were asked to face ourselves and ponder- what am I offering humanity?

For some, this task was too arduous and pushed aside as they eagerly awaited for 'normality' to return.

For others, it was the moment where they began living in alignment with their values, gaining discernment as their ally.

Some could say 2020 was 'easy' in comparison to others. But that's just one perspective, there is no point in comparing. This is your own experience.

You get to decide what the last 365 days have meant to you and you get to decide what you do with the time you are afforded. Extravagant, Humble or Indifferent - it all serves a purpose for you in the grander scheme of things

As we wrap up this part of our evolution, with curiosity and compassion ask yourself;

- What was the greatest lesson I learned and how will I bring this teaching with me into this next chapter?

Wishing you a safe and joyous shift in energy.

With Love,

Sian xo

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