Introducing Fempower: The podcast!

I am excited to announce that in between bike-riding tantrums and #isolife, a beautiful podcast segment called "Fempower"has been born! This is a monthly collab where I join my BFF Ash Turner from Empower with Ash on her show and we talk all things vulnerability, warrior mindset and epic fails! We started it because we knew that the stuff we go through, is universal to all humans and, in a world where there is so much self-help and personal development info from the heavy hitters in the industry... Sometimes it just didn't feel relatable on an "average human" level. For me some of the stuff out there is just too many steps away from where I am right now in life and that's ok. Hopefully two Darwin girls, can help make sense of a few things for you. (I don't care what you say Ash, you can pretend you're all fancy from Brisbane, but you'll always be my girl from the hood.) Before I drop the podcast link - I thought I should probably introduce the host of the show. This is Ash.

And I stole her 5 fun facts from her website. 1. She is a tattoo FANATIC. 2. Her diet is strict due to being a coeliac 3. She has psychic abilities 4. Her eyes change colour - fire is one 5. And she loves to write!

But some of the other things you may not know; is that she built her podcast and side hustle in between working a full time job, owning life as a single mother, still has time for the gym, a full skin-care and makeup regime AND manages to dress for success. (As I sit here typing, barefoot, with out of control hair and the same t-shirt from yesterday...) So yes! We are two different women on different paths - connected by the same values and purpose and we look forward to hanging out with you and doing life together. Get to know us here Or check out the new podcast page on my website! To learn more about Ash check out her: website facebook page IG P.S If you have any burning questions or topics you'd like us to talk about on the show get in touch via my socials or at

See you soon! With Love, Sian and Ash xo

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