Fempower Episode 3: Overcoming Mental Blocks

If I wrote this blog yesterday, it would have said something like...

"Don't bother listening to the podcast, I haven't overcome my mental block..." But the reality is that this space in between is all part of the process until it doesn't have to be, ie, when you've healed or gotten really good at "Emotional Regulation." Note: Emotional Regulation does not mean denying your emotions entirely, but having the ability or skills to move through the"negative/unresrouceful" emotional state to a "positive/resourceful"emotional state with ease. For some people solving mental blocks can be as simple as: A) think of the block, B) overcome it. However, there are also times where situations in your life reflect the very thing you're trying to work through e.g. job/financial insecurity in an uncertain world (I'm looking at you 'Rona) which may bring different emotions to the surface.

The beauty of healing is that it isn't linear and does require heart. (Humans have them!) On days like yesterday I'd normally put my coach hat on straight away and ask an (emotional regulation) question like: "What's one thing I can do right now, to take my power back?" and go do the thing; but being in tune with yourself is knowing when you need that space to feel and be (feminine/nurturing) vs. taking immediate action (masculine/doing). I don't care what other people might say...Taking time to process the shit you're feeling is important AF - and I believe a key component to creating lasting change. Read why crying is awesome: here. Here are some other activities I find beneficial when working through emotions:

  • Journalling: a great way to get EVERYTHING out, without speaking to a soul, plus you can destroy the pages (safely) afterwards for extra "letting go" vibes.

  • Talk out loud to whichever spirit or wall that cares to listen

  • You may find solace in talking to yourself in the mirror, with kindness and comfort

  • Curling up with a furry pal

  • Calling the BFF who loves you no matter what

  • Chatting to the crew at lifeline: 13 11 44 if things feel really heavy

Release the pressure build up, cleanse your soul and breathe some fresh air. Then when you are ready, listen fempower-episode-3-overcoming-mental-blocksto the new episode to remind yourself that you aren't doing life alone; and share your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you soon. With Love Sian xo

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