Locked-down but not out. (Part 2)

If you need back track and catch up on part 1 of this story from last week click here. Otherwise the general gist of things is that I tried to ride a bike, failed and have now gone for a walk around the neighborhood to cool off (read: sulk). See I needed a quiet place to sort my head out and cry a little, so I headed to the local cemetery. I figured that nobody would question or judge a person crying there in the middle of the day, right? Genius! (To go into a spiritual tangent briefly, I am fine with cemeteries during the day, as a friend who is a medium reassured me that spirits are more likely to be around us in our "normal" lives than they would be at their burial place. However; you would not find me near one after dark - but that's a whole other conversation!) Perching myself upon a shaded bench, I gazed out to the surrounding headstones. I felt the need to apologize for disturbing the peace with my first-world problems - before over analyzing everything out loud to the universe. I found that sitting alone and out in the open was both liberating and vulnerable. Whilst I knew it was easiest for me to go home and cry into loving arms and be soothed, I was compelled to come face to face with my shame so I could understand its purpose in my life. What started out as this big scary monster slowly turned into this little girl who just needed to learn things in her own way and at her own pace (stubborn yet determined.) The more time I spent with her, the more beautiful our surroundings became. The gardens were green and lush from the night time rain with graves colorfully adorned with flowers and trinkets from the living. This was a place of love and one that reminded me about how many people live and leave this world with regrets. Their biggest regret? Regret itself. Being reminded of this, in a moment of feeling shame, is no coincidence (thanks universe!) I imagined the people who belonged to each grave and what advice they would have to offer. Would they regret... Not forgiving sooner? Being too scared to express their feelings? Choosing to live by other's expectations instead of ones own authenticity? Playing small and not daring to dream? Spending all their time working? Making their world about money and material things? Wasting time on trivial topics ? Surrounding themselves with the wrong people? Listening to the world, instead of their own intuition? Not Investing in their bucket list? Putting their health and fitness as a last priority? Giving up when things got challenging? And, then I wondered.... What would I regret not doing in my life? But seeing (we) are still alive...The big question is: Am I willing to live with regret and carry it with me to the pearly gates? ---------------------------------- Coaching Perspective: They say the two main reasons (excuses) that people do not fulfil their dreams is because of not having enough: time or money. However, right now due to the 'Rona phenomenon, most of us have an abundance of time and money is somewhat taken care of. We have been guided to stay home, to be more resourceful and to reconnect with oneself. Which means... The actual reason for not chipping away at that list of regret, is fear of failure. And the biggest regret of the living - is letting fear get in the way. So with playfulness and love, I challenge you to go and take one small action, today, to help shrink that list. If I can admit on the internet (on my business website) that I sucked at riding a bike, threw a tantrum and then cried in a cemetery to hide my shame... I know that you can do even greater things! If you want an accountability buddy to keep you on track - send me a message. ^ This counts as taking action btw. :-) It's time to get back on the bike. (Metaphorically) With Love,

Sian xo P.S I jumped on my bike the next day and discovered tranquility. Universe wins again!

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