Masculine and Feminine – Part 1

If you have ever had a reading or a healing with me, I often speak about the masculine and feminine energies and how they play out in our lives. This is my observation of where we are currently at.

Now, don’t misunderstand me here when I speak of the masculine and the feminine. I am not referring to the human expression of gender as there are many versions of this. I am speaking of the energetic qualities that we can all tap into and the personas or archetypes that come with them.

Throughout history, feminine energy has been suppressed, controlled and abused. Instead of feminine energy being seen as equal or necessary – it has been portrayed as: less, weak or emotional in comparison to the masculine who is: more, strong and logical. These deep-set beliefs have kept their strong hold over our societal conditioning to the point where we have birthed “toxic masculinity.”

Toxic masculinity brings with it, sayings like; “don’t cry” and “toughen up”. Denying a human access to their emotions has subconsciously taught the child within that we must hide parts of ourselves, which has led us to disconnect from our heart space, in favour of our mind (ego).

To balance out this imbalance of masculine energy, the feminine adapted to it which we can now see as the rise of the Alpha female – with a desire to overthrow the masculine entirely.

The language that comes with this new energy are words like “I don’t need anybody” and “I am not soft”. Alpha female energy is a survival mechanism created over generations, in attempt to be seen as equal and stay out of harm's way.

So, what does this all mean for us right now?

I see two energetic forces who have forgotten the divine and necessary purpose of balance. Nature has attempted many times to remind us, continuously bringing us the night (feminine) and day (masculine), sunshine (masculine) and rain (feminine).

Limiting our range of emotions for the sake of valour has minimized our ability to perceive the grand spectrum of life through our narrow filter; leaving us feeling disconnected, discontent and riddled with both spiritual, mental and physical “dis-ease.”

Both energies, bring qualities that are essential for meaningful relationships and a fulfilled life. Humans require connection and love because without it, life cannot continue. A tribe requires both hunters, gathers, healers and warriors to flourish.

- In part 2 of this article, I will be sharing a guide to show you the unique qualities each energy brings as well as indicators for imbalanced energies.

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