Rose Quartz For Love

With the colour pink, worn by the New Year’s Pig, and Valentine’s Day celebrations – February lavished us with love. So, let’s get to know a crystal, who is pink by name, pink by nature and an advocate forlove. If you didn’t already guess by the title, it’s no other, than the Rose Quartz. She brings with her the wisdom to help you heal your weary heart and a quiet hope for you to experience love, romance and beauty on a daily basis. When working with her you may find hidden grudges, wounds, and inner negativity hidden within, begin to surface. But she assures us that acknowledging our shadow comes part and parcel with bringing light back into our heart. By teaching us how to be compassionate and forgiving towards ourselves, she helps us experience and attract more unconditional love into our lives. Her gentle nature ensures that we will only ever deal with what we are ready to acknowledge and let go of as she understands human time and the need for quiet, reflective moments.

Mantra: My heart is open and receptive to the infinite abundance of love available to me. How to use rose quartz for healing: 1. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your body (ideally over your heart chakra) 2. Visualise a bright pink light that grows brighter as you inhale, and paler as you exhale. 3. Allow this light to completely surround your body, aura and heart. 4. Notice the warmth that comforts you as it ushers away any pain, grief or hurt 5. Keep breathing the light into areas of pain and let it sweep it away as you exhale 6. Allow the light to pour into the cleared spaces and fill your body entirely. 7. Continue visualising this light now and let it grow as bright as you require. 8. Upon completion, thank the crystal for her service. You may wish to cleanse or recharge your crystal afterwards, or upon the full moon.

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