The Heart Chakra

Is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms and plays a vital role in our wellbeing, growth and happiness. It is a high vibrational/energetic frequency that opens up the doors for other joyful experiences and emotions however; when our heart chakra is blocked, the flow of energy ceases and we may find ourselves in a place where fear governs our life or, we feel dull. Take Valentine’s Day for example. For some it’s a wonderful celebration of love and for others, a day that stings. A person with an open heart chakra would likely see it as a positive or neutral event, but for the person experiencing a blockage; they may feel anxious or begin questioning themselves or their relationship stability, should they not receive the (expressions of love e.g. gifts, flowers) that we have been conditioned to believe are benchmarks of our worthiness or our partners commitment to us. This is not a hard and fast rule as every human experiences things differently but the below checklists can help you determine how your chakra is currently.

Open Heart Chakra: - Feeling connected to the world around you and able to relate to others - Ability to grieve, forgive and accept - Love, compassion and empathy for self & others - Awareness and admiration of beauty that the world offers - Adaptable to change and transformation - Able to find peace, gratitude and optimism. - Able to love unconditionally Blocked Heart Chakra: - Difficulty relating to others, sometimes appearing apathetic

- A minimized ability to experience or express positive emotional states

- Un-resourceful co-dependency in a relationship

- Excessive jealousy - A passive aggressive or openly aggressive attitude

- A feeling of being withdrawn, disconnected, numb or shut off - An increase in “bad luck” or feeling like the world is "against" them - Quick to blame others/external factors - Loves only when conditions are met e.g. "I will only love you if...."

Whether you resonate with the open or the blocked chakra checklist, there are many things you can do to help support, strengthen and heal the heart. It is important that you spend some time focusing on a consistent self-care ritual as any energetic/emotional imbalances can lead to physical "dis-ease" if left unattended.

This list outlines my top 10 activities for the heart chakra as a suggestion and I encourage you to expand or change the list to suit your own needs and interests. 1. Re-wiring our thinking, through positive affirmations (speaking about what you WANT) 2. Working with an energy healer to move blockages and reset energy 3. Journaling for self awareness and to help process emotions that may surface. 4. Spending time with a pet – our fur babies understand the meaning of unconditional love. 5. Creating a gratitude list 6. Connecting with Archangel Raphael - the angel of healing 7. Doing something nice for somebody you care about 8. Listening to uplifting music 9. Giving or receiving hugs! 10. Wearing or working with rose quartz* article to follow. If you wish to chat about your discovery, journey or even your own top 10 heart chakra activities, connect with me via my social media channels. And finally,

Love, is the absence of judgement - Dalai Lama

- Sian xo

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