I don't need any more crystals... Said no-one ever!

Enhance your spiritual journey by enlisting the support of these beautiful beings. Each crystal has its own vibration, meaning and purpose, so scroll below to find which one will suit best. 

You will receive (1) crystal per purchase.
Unless you buy more, of course!

Three options are available:

Citrine : Citrine: Assists with clearing the mind of indecision and helps you release any fears you may have around your dreams, ideal life and desires. It is a stone of manifestation, imagination and personal will. It is energizing, comforting and life giving – like an action packed ray of sunshine! Good for transforming negative energy, thoughts and feelings, into positive ones.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, but I’ve used it on root chakra to help overcome money worries.

Clear Quartz: Activates the crown chakra helping us to control how we think about and perceive situations. Works with expanding our consciousness and perceptions of the world. Increases open communication and helps eliminate energy blockages to allow smooth energy flow throughout the body. Great for protecting our Aura and clearing energy in rooms.

Chakra: Crown but can be put in place to channel energy flow to any other Chakra.

Rose Quartz: A crystal of unconditional love and gratitude. Works by opening and your heart to all types of love including: self-love, romantic love, love of the community. Love is the most powerful energy for healing stress, grief and trauma and resentment and restores feelings of hope, peace, faith and joy. Provides emotional support needed during difficult times.


Chakra: Heart chakra and I’ve also used on my solar plexus for extra self-love

Sizes and colours may vary. 
Crystal E-book included with purchase.


$5 of this sale goes to Australian charity, Share the Dignity

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