COVID19 Safety

Under the directions (No.35) 2021, set by the NT Government -
A COVID safety plan has been updated and implemented to comply with regulations as of the 3/11/2021.

Whilst it is not a  legal requirement for clients to disclose their vaccination status, it is appreciated that you do*; as I work with vulnerable groups in the community on a regular basis both through my paid work at YouthWorX NT and volunteering with Share the Dignity.

*Extra measures will be put in place on these occasions
which may include non-vaccinated clients being asked to wear a mask during reiki sessions where a distance of 1.5m can not be maintained.


for more up to date information please go to:
Coronavirus (COVID-19) ( 


Current Advice: 5 November 2021

COVID-19 Directions (No. 35) 2021

Guidelines for businesses and community organisations