Two women.
Different journeys.
Same goal.
...And a podcast to help you become a warrior....

Welcome to FEMPOWER!

Fempower is a monthly podcast where we look at life through our different perspectives, spill the beans and laugh at all of our epic fails.

Why did we create it?
To show that women
supporting women
is an actual superpower!

Meet Ash.

She is an award winner, a podcast host, a phenomenal mum but most importantly; my bestie who I couldn't imagine doing life without.

We are the perfect balance of night and day as we are the TOTAL opposites
bonded together through:

- Our shared love for personal development
- The way we have evolved into empowered women through life's shit-storms
- How much we actually swear
- Knowing that our soul's purpose is to help others 

Ash is a domestic violence survivor and I overcame my mental health struggles. Together we went from being worriers, to warriors - and now, we are here to help you transform too.


Podcast Cover 18.05.20.png

Welcome to Fempower!

Episode 1 

Get to know your podcast hosts Ashleigh and Sian as they share what Fempower means to them!

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Tips to remove negative and
toxic people

Episode 2

We share tips on noticing when there is a toxic person in your environment and how to deal.

Buddha Statue

Overcoming Mental Blocks

Episode 3

We dive deep into understanding what mental blocks are and how we can move past them.