Welcome to FEMPOWER!

Meet Ash.

She is an award winner, a podcast host, a phenomenal mum but most importantly; my bestie who I couldn't imagine doing life without.

We are the perfect balance of
night and day as we are the TOTAL 

opposites bonded together through our shared love for personal development.

​Our podcast is where we look at life through our different perspectives, spill the beans (and the F word) whilst laughing at all of our epic fails.

Meet Sian.

An introverted people person (It's a thing) who enjoys helping others, a good glass of Shiraz and not taking life, or herself too seriously.  


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Welcome to Fempower!

Episode 1 

Get to know your podcast hosts Ashleigh and Sian as they share what Fempower means to them!

Red Scarf

Dating Red Flags

Episode 4

Relationship red flags can exist in every type of relationship including; romantic, family, friends, work- can you spot them?

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Tips to remove negative and
toxic people

Episode 2

We share tips on noticing when there is a toxic person in your environment and how to deal.

Fit Girls

Competitive or Collaborative

Episode 5

Being competitive can be a good thing, unless it gets in the way of life, or blocks you from connecting with others.

Buddha Statue

Overcoming Mental Blocks

Episode 3

We dive deep into understanding what mental blocks are and how we can move past them.

Radio show microphones

IWD Panel Discussion 

Episode 6

We cover so much information in this podcast from workplace, women 101 topics, personal lives, horrible experiences, and future female challenges and changes we want to see.