I care deeply about mental health because chronic stress is something I've had to learn how to manage over the course of my own life.

I'm not here to do the usual marketing pitch of....

"my life sucked and now it's awesome." 
Because I still have times where I get stressed out.

(Everyone else went through 20...whatever-year-it-is-now, yeah?)

The only difference is that I now have a
toolbox and mindset to help me handle the ups and downs a little better; and bounce back to my joyful self quicker.

If you can work out what "better" feels like for you,
I can guide you on how to get there by teaching you how to manage your stress & anxiety along the way.

However, I am a deep relationship kinda gal which means the downside is that I am here for the long haul. But hey....

Isn't it nice knowing you'll have someone in your circle who cheers you on, lifts you up and kicks your ass when you need it? 

Someone who isn't family or a friend and will hold a space for you to be truthful and raw, maybe for the first time ever?

You bet it is!

So, let's talk soon.

Sian xo


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