Feeling like a Goddess

In the not so distant past

I had an Interesting job, zero financial debt, a loving relationship, endless travel plans and a busy social life.

To the outside world, my life looked exciting and carefree - and I knew it.

However behind my smile and bubbly personality I was miserable.

I was holding onto this deep unresolved grief which I didn't know how to deal with and felt like I had something to "prove."

As the person that people turned to for support
- I began feeling like a fraud because I was stuck in this dark place and didn't know how to get out - and giving up, became the new norm.

But then the
universe stepped in
to kick my ass.

When I thought I was ready to end my life - I found out that a friend of mine had taken his own, and it set my heart on fire.

I discovered that I had been in a state of chronic stress for so long that I had lost touch with my true, authentic self and the people I cared about.

His passing taught me that I wanted to do more  than just exist, survive and not die. I wanted to live a whole-hearted, conscious life with an abundance of joy.

So from that moment; I made self care a priority with a mission to heal my mind, body and spirit.

And I promise you, the journey is worth it!

If you've ever Google searched: "I'm just so tired of everything"
We need to talk.

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I became an Alchemist

Because I believe that the purpose of a
"lightworker" is less about positivity, crystals and incense (which I love btw) but more about being able to help somebody dig deep and reconnect with them-self to create lasting change in their life.


Alchemy (noun) al·​che·​my | \ ˈal-kə-mē
A power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. Transformation.
Pure Joy


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