The Law of Attraction - ask, and it is given

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Let’s talk: Law of Attraction (LOA). You may have heard people referring to it as “Manifestation” and there is plenty of information out there teaching you how to tap into it, but they rarely warn you about the s how literal the “universe” can be!

If you’ve ever heard the old saying “be careful what you wish for...”pay attention. Working with LOA can be both a delight and a disaster depending on your frame of mind. Even still to this day, I have moments with the LOA which amaze me and always serve as a reminder to keep your thoughts positive.

Look it was probably highly unprofessional of me to have burst out laughing, when my client shared her story about her dealings with the Law of Attraction...I just found solace in the fact that I was not the only one who had been at the receiving end of the universe’s sass.

My Client wrote a letter to universe about wanting to attract a “really nice guy...” into her life and the universe quickly introduced some “really nice guy(s)... into her life.” The only problem was, my client had left out a few necessary details in her letter, like forgetting to mention that there needed to be a romantic spark between her and the nice guy…And a few other, important details...(Which I will leave to your imagination!)

So while my client and I giggled about the ridiculousness of having “too many nice guys show up” the universe was probably thinking... “But I gave you EXACTLY what you’ve ASKED for...?”

The positive outcome of NOT getting what she wanted, was that my client gained new friends and a clearer perspective on what she REALLY wants in a romantic partner. I am also certain she will be more specific the next time she plays with the LOA.


The reason why I found her story so hilarious

In late 2015 I was on holidays in Bali with my two BFF’s and said out-loud at breakfast (AS A JOKE)...

“Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if the volcano erupts and we get stuck here? Extended holiday! Yay!”


We were notified that all flights had been cancelled until further notice as the volcano had thrown some serious ash cloud in the air. As my friends are aware of my ridiculous ability to manifest things, they were both impressed and annoyed with me at the same time. I also totally lost my humour in the midst of it all and started worrying about not being able to get home….Ever. Again.

My conversation with the universe went like this:

Universe: “Hello, Your funny request has been fulfilled” Me: “Ugggghhhh.....Dammit universe – that’s not what I meant!” Universe: “But you said…” Me: “Yeah yeah, I know what I said….” Bar Tender: “Miss, sorry about the volcano, here’s a cocktail while you wait” Universe: “Enjoy your extended holiday” Me: “Thanks universe…….”

Universe = 1 | Sian = 0


My tips for working with the law of attraction:

  1. LOA will always deliver EXACTLY what you ask for, so be aware of your language & thoughts.

  2. Your vibration (emotion/feeling) has to match your request in order for it to be delivered.

  3. Start paying attention and saying thank you whenever you notice a request has been answered.

  4. Things happen in divine timing so patience may be required for big ticket items.

  5. It is vital to be aware of your underlying beliefs around money & worthiness as this has a big impact.

When used correctly, the Law of Attraction can become one of your best allies. It is important to remain open and have a good sense of humour for the way things may turn out because divine wisdom always knows best.

If you want to know more about how to make the Law of Attraction work for you or have a hilarious story to share; You can connect via the below channels.

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Embrace an attitude of gratitude and enjoy the journey!

With Love,

Sian xo

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